Main Bar

Appropriately named the Rising Sun, our warm welcomes, vibrant atmosphere & scorching drink selections have cranked up the heat on the hottest bar in town. Complete with an intoxicating treble dose of atmosphere, beverages & cocktails, take a shot on our spirit raising concoction and shake things up as you swap the hustle of the City for a slice of dining, a dash of decor and a twist of idyllic nature.


Piano Bar

From minor historical tones to major classy decor, we hit the right notes when it comes to orchestrating your perfect weekends & amplifying your travels. Having already struck a harmonious chord with our locals, our piano bar is calling out a tune to visitors far and wide. Come and join in the atmosphere today.



Want to get date night right? This discrete & adorable snug is the perfect cove for couples.


Embracing you with a heart warming atmosphere, you’ll be able to combine succulent food with secluded seating in this idyllic space when drinking or eating. 


A quirky nook with a country look, we’ve mixed a historical backdrop with interior decor surmounted with cobbled stone, completing a 15th century feel that charges through our DNA.



Once an impulsive getaway, now we’re a picturesque & relaxing countryside stay. 

From regular and welcome wildlife visitors to our cosy snugs, 15th century values &  grand piano, our sophisticated gallery snaps tells a thousand words as our collage of conventions create a harmonious connection between staff and our visitors.

As we play to the tune of a truly mesmeric atmosphere that you ‘have to feel to believe’, feel part of the country culture as you immerse yourself in our principles that turns the page from a simple stay into a catalogue of joyful memories. 

From hearty meals that dial us towards home & ring nostalgia to a dog friendly environment so cute you’ll have to ‘pack your pooch’, our staff are trained to show a level of attention to detail that will prompt sentiment & personalise your experience at the Rising Sun.


Private Dining

Let us help you plan your perfect party. Whatever the occasion, family gatherings, christening, hen party, corporate functions, wake or baby shower, we have a space to suit across our elegant restaurant and bar.

Please read our terms & conditions before making a booking.