Sticking to our New Years Restoration - the Rising Sun are brushing up just

our ‘Gallery’ canvas to look even more wonderful for our locals! Closed for redecoration - we’ll be reopening our 15th century doors on the 26th January! Be sure to check out our brand new spin for a sure fire January win.


Valentine's Day

Feeling romantic? Climb through this window of opportunity & treat that special someone to a spontaneous trip & enjoy the views in more ways than one. Already mesmerised with our stunningly affordable prices, it’s time to hit snooze on mid Winter blues, rediscover your Casanova & wake up to the possibilities of this underrated season. 


Become snug as a rug as you spend time with your boyfriend hubby in our historic space & countryside cubby. 


A damn right Instagrammable space, watch in wonder at the light of your partners face as you are wowed by the fine dining, decor & sights as you set the mood & dim down the lights. 


So, is it time to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city? Quit wining, start dining and make them feel pretty. Time to lay down a marker, start your countdown to your our fabulous event today

Pastry Lunch

Exmoor Food Fest 2022

Special deals all February 2022 

Available from 12:00 - 15:00

Special event with guest chefs on 23rd February at The Rising Sun!

The Exmoor Food Fest is celebrating the Taste of Exmoor throughout February.

Every year in February a range of restaurants on and around Exmoor  to offer outstanding food at an affordable price as part of the Exmoor Food Fest. Customers will be able to eat their way across Exmoor.