Served between 08:30 - 10:30

~ The Rising Sun Farmers Breakfast ~ £11.95

One serving of Bacon, Dartfresh Sausage, Egg, Tomato and Mushroom, complimented with English Black Pudding, Hash Brown, Beans, Sourdough Toast & Butter

~ The Rising Sun Veggie Breakfast (V) ~ £11.95

Vegan Sausages on A Bed Of Spinach, Tomatoes, Hash Brown, Mushroom & Poached Egg, Sourdough Toast & Butter

~ Salmon On Sourdough Toast £10.50

Gin And Orange Cured Salmon, Wilted Spinach And Scrambled Eggs On Sourdough Toast


~ Avocado On Sourdough Toast (V) £9.50

Crushed Avocado, Cherry Tomatoes And Poached Eggs On Sourdough Toast 

~ Granola Bowl (V) £7.95

Fresh Berries, Honeyed Yoghurt And Granola (Contains Nuts)

~ Extras ~

1 X Local Farmhouse Sausage ~ £2

2 X Rashers Of Crispy Bacon ~ £2

2 X Fried Or Poached Eggs ~ £1.50

Local Apple Juice ~ £2.65

Coffee ~ £2.65

Tea ~ £1.95


~ Bacon Bap ~ £7.95

~ Sausage Bap ~ £7.95

V Vegetarian | VE Vegan | GF Gluten free

Some of our menu items contain nuts and other allergens. There is a risk that traces of these may be in any other dish or food served here. We understand the dangers to those with severe allergies and intolerances, please speak to a member of staff who will help you to make an informed choice.